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Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a model of healthcare that has been adopted throughout the military healthcare system. Munson Army Health Center launched PCMH Primary Care Clinic / Pediatrics Clinic as part of a continuous effort to provide safe, quality, appropriate healthcare services that are accessible to our patients and to refer our patients for specialty care, when necessary, to the proper medical professional and facility.
PCMH is a team-based model built around the premise that the best health care begins with a strong primary care foundation. PCMH is committed to enhance your continuity of care with a focus on prevention.


All patients are assigned a Primary Care Manager (PCM). Your PCM is a Physician, Nurse Practitioner, or a Physician Assistant who is your medical provider and the leader of your Medical Home team (Nurse Case Manager, RN, LPN, Medic, and more). Your PCM helps you identify realistic health goals, and works with you to help you achieve those goals. Your PCM is also responsible for organizing, coordinating, communicating and monitoring your care across multiple settings such as with a specialty provider or support clinic.


To make an appointment or learn about services provided, please refer to the “Services, Telephone Numbers, and Hours” section on the home page.


Generate readines through patient-focused care to those we serve.


A dedicated Family caring for Family.


Comprehensive: The goal of the Medical Home is to care for the whole patient: acute and chronic medical needs, preventative services, mental health care, social services and readiness issues.
Patient Centered: The Medical Home allows the patient’s goals to be the driving force of their care, truly reflecting the needs, preferences and goals of service members, retirees and their families.
Coordinated: The Medical Home finds resources, coordinates appointments and assures that information flows freely across multiple settings and between various members of the Medical Home and the patient.
Accessible: Today’s patients are busy with jobs and family responsibilities and their time is valuable. The PCMH helps them avoid the need for a clinic visit by offering alternative ways (such as secure e-mail and telephone contact) to communicate with the PCM and Medical Home.
High Quality: The PCMH model includes a commitment to evidence-based medical care with proven best outcomes. Provider practice, staff member performance and facility processes are regularly reviewed for quality and safety.


When your provider submits a referral request, it is reviewed internally to see if it is a service Munson can provide. If it is a service we can provide, the Appointment Access Center will contact you to schedule your appointment. If you do not receive a phone call within 7 days, please contact the Appointment Access Center at 913-684-6250 M-F 0700-1600 and inform them that your provider has written a referral for you. If it is a service we cannot provide at Munson the referral will be sent to Health Net Federal Services (HNFS) for consideration of authorization. You will not receive a paper copy of your authorization determination. You must create an account and login to to view all information about your referrals and authorizations and to print documents. You may contact HNFS at 844-866-9378 after 72 hours of referral submission to inquire about the status or request letters to be mailed. If you have general questions about your referral, you may contact Munson’s Referral Management Center.


Patients have the responsibility for:

• Providing accurate and complete information about medical complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, pain, and other matters relating to their health.

• Following the treatment plan recommended by those responsible for their care.


PCMH provides information to the patient about the patient’s right to obtain care from other clinicians within the PCMH, to seek a second opinion, and to seek specialty care.

PCMH improves the care our patients receive by offering enhanced access to care and increased Primary Care Manager continuity, and by promoting patient- and family-centered evidence-based health care. PCMH provides care that addresses various phases of a patient’s lifespan, including end-of-life care, to include population-based care.

The PCMH is an interdisciplinary team-based on individual patient needs built around the premise that the best health care begins with a strong primary care foundation.

Credentials/Education Background of Providers:

It is the policy of Munson Army Health Center to ensure that licensed independent practitioners meet the credentials, privileging and performance standards. Credentials and Clinical Privileges are approved separately by the governing body. Clinical Privileges are granted based on current licensure, education, training or experience, and current competence.